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Thanks to its place-based approach, the Vanguard Initiative has a wide national, EU, and international outreach. Through the activities of its pilots, the Vanguard Initiative has proven to be a successful network, leading by example in interregional collaboration based on smart specialisation. For almost 10 years, Vanguard regions have been committed to supporting innovation and technology uptake at the EU level, and they are constantly reflecting on how to fund such activities as well as how to join forces to support their roll-out. This is closely connected to the work of the European Commission’s Thematic Smart Specialisation Platforms (S3P). The Vanguard Initiative is, in this perspective, advocating for stronger commitment to enable effective synergies between EU funding tools and instruments, with regional and national funding.


Annual Political Meeting 2022

On November 29, the Vanguard Initiative held its Annual Political Meeting.

Vanguard initiative selected to participate in the EU’s Partnerships for Regional Innovation

The Vanguard Initiative was selected along with 63 regions, seven cities, and four Member States to participate in the pilot project for

Vanguard Initiative participates in the third plenary session of the Industrial Forum of the European Commission

The Commissioner responsible for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, and his team from the Commission, together with the representatives of the 27 EU Member Stat

Vanguard Initiative Annual Political Meeting 2021

The Vanguard Initiative Annual Political Meeting 2021 – took place on November 25th.

Official Signature of the Cooperation Agreement between the Vanguard Initiative and EFFRA

On 25 November, Eddy Van Hijum, Chair of the Vanguard Initiative, and Željko Pazin, Executive Director of

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The calls for Interregional Innovation Investment (I3) instrument are open

On 23 November the Commission finally released the calls for Interregional Innovation Investments (I3). The Vanguard Initiative highly values the efforts made by the Euro

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VI paper on the upcoming Communication on Innovation policy

The VI Policy Influencing Task Group (PITG) has contributed to the

VI Annual Report 2021

This annual report provides an overview of all the results and activities of the network.

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Position paper - Regional ecosystems and collaboration as drivers for the recovery

The Vanguard Initiative supports the EU Industrial Strategy, published in March, as a strong basis for future work and paving the way for recovery and resilience of the EU economy while embracing l

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Short paper: Interregional Innovation Investments (I3) – Complementary insights VI-EARTO

The Vanguard Initiative highly values the efforts made by the European Commission to co-design the new I3 instrument and for this reason, continues to contribute to the creation of a tool suited to

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The Vanguard Initiative annual plan 2021

This annual plan sets out the programme of work that Vanguard Initiative will seek to accomplish during 2021 and is informed by discussions in the Annual Politica

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Non paper - Financing solutions for networks of Pilots and demonstrators

Vanguard Initiative Non paper Financing solutions for networks of Pilots and demonstrators

VI Innovation Policy Conference

Shaping an Ambitious EU Innovation Agenda to accelerate the twin green and digital Transitions   

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Annual Political Meeting

Closed Session Outline – Governance of the Vanguard Initiative