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The Vanguard Initiative is launching its first SME support Scheme!  

The SME Success Story Call to open on 3 June  The Vanguard Initiative is launching the SME Success Story Call on 3 June. The call is aimed at… READ MORE

SAPHIRe final conference & Smart Health Pilot event

On the afternoon of the 26 of April, the Smart Health Pilot organised its first physical plenary meeting at the Flemish Parliament in Brussels. This… READ MORE

Progress update from the Nano pilot

NeMs4BIO democase is preparing a project proposal for the I3 call The leaders of NeMs4BIO democase, Imec (Flanders) and Oost agency are preparing a… READ MORE

Progress update from the 3DP pilot

SMEs-led demonstration projects recently finalised, with promising results! Nine SMEs located in VI 3DP Pilot member regions recently completed… READ MORE

Bioeconomy upcoming event

Good practices and built capacities for cross-regional cooperation in the Alpine Region and beyond Milan 11 May 2022 9:00 – 12.30 (hybrid event… READ MORE

Progress update from the Smart Health Pilot

RegMed XB to become the fifth demo case of the Smart Health Pilot RegMed XB “Towards industrial-scale organoid-based tissue manufacturing”… READ MORE

Future of Vanguard Task Group meeting

Future of VI task group organized on April the 1st a session about the future of VI. There was an excellent and fruitful discussion on the most… READ MORE

Emilia-Romagna Region and Lombardy Region new co-leads for ADMA

The energy transition and a rapid shift towards a more distributed renewable energy production system call for urgent actions. Ukraine’s war and the… READ MORE

Circular Economy in Textile Sector: Expression of Interest

During the 2021 ESM Plenary event, Slovenia presented the "Circular Economy in Textile Sector" use-case within the "De- and Remanufacturing for… READ MORE

Science meets Regions - Launch event

On 3 March took place the launch event of the Vanguard Initiative Innovation Networking Initiative (VI INI) series ov events organised in the… READ MORE

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Vanguard Initiative is recruiting an Expert on Interregional Funding 

Vanguard Initiative is recruiting an Expert on Interregional Funding in the framework of a new internal project aiming at “elaborating structural… READ MORE

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On 13 December 2021, the AI Pilot hosted its first Annual Plenary event.  This was the second event organised by the Pilot after the successful Kick… READ MORE