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Successful workshop on the availability of regional instruments to fund 3DP Pilot cases

Over the last years and months, the 3DP Pilot was able to design various SMEs-led ‘application-specific projects’ generated by active demo-cases. For… READ MORE

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First results of the activities towards a funding and financing roadmap for Vanguard Initiative's Pilots

Following the decision to anchor the analysis of the regional funding and financing (F&F) opportunities to the concrete needs of the Vanguard… READ MORE

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3DP Pilot: Funding secured for the implementation of SME-led cross regional demonstration projects

Early 2020, the 3DP PAN EU project (a European Parliament supported project managed by DG GROW that has been generated based on the activities and… READ MORE

ProNano: Swedens first testbed for nanotechnology opens in Region Skåne

Within the Nano Pilot, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, in close cooperation with Region Skåne and Lund University, have established and started… READ MORE

The 3DP Pilot continues to develop and grow: 5 new project ideas submitted in November 2020

The 3DP Pilot Platform for Pitching and Implementing new cross regional projects was launched in October 2019 in order to further position the 3DP… READ MORE

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The Bioeconomy Pilot contributes to the interregional future of sustainable mobility

The energy enhancement of biomass is one of the most promising allies to ensure the transition to sustainable zero-emission growth.  Among the… READ MORE

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The Nano Pilot is growing: three new demo-cases have been launched

The call for ideas launched in September to support the start-up of new demo-cases in the Nano Pilot has originated three proposals.  A first demo-… READ MORE

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The ADMA Energy Pilot Outlines its plans for 2021

The year 2020 presented challenges through the global pandemic COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, the ADMA Energy Pilot was able to come together and… READ MORE

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New EU-project launched within ESM Pilot

The digital transformation demo-case of the Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM) Pilot has successfully launched the project AI REGIO,… READ MORE

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ESM Pilot invites you to its Plenary meeeting on 16 December

The Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM) Pilot will organise an online plenary meeting on 16 December 16th to share the progresses of the… READ MORE

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Successful Annual Political Meeting organised online

On 19 November, the Vanguard Initiative organised the Annual Political Meeting 2020, and for the first time ever the meeting was held in digital… READ MORE

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European networks come together for a new statement on the Interregional Innovation Investment initiative

In the context of the public consultation launched by the Commission about the new Interregional Innovation Investment initiative (I3) proposed under… READ MORE