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Vanguard Initiative Regions show strong support for ETC Component 5

On 21st November, political representatives of Vanguard Initiative member regions gathered in Brussels for the Vanguard Annual Political Meeting.… READ MORE

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SME access to infrastructures

Conference “EU Research and Innovation Infrastructures: a forward agenda for cross-regional collaboration and access” On 22nd November 2018 in… READ MORE

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Supporting interregional S3 cooperation along industrial value chains

On the 6th of November, the Vanguard Initiative organised, jointly with the European Parliament SME Intergroup a breakfast session dedicated to the… READ MORE

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15th of November – Vanguard ESM Workshop

A workshop organised by Vanguard ESM will be held on the 15th of November, in Milano, Italy. The one-day event is organized in cooperation with the… READ MORE

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INVITATION to breakfast discussion on "How component 5 in Interreg strengthens interregional cooperation"

Dear Members of the SME Intergroup, The SME Intergroup cordially invites you to a breakfast discussion hosted by the Vanguard Initiative on the topic… READ MORE

Vanguard’s 3DP pilot: New demo-case for lifelong learning in additive manufacturing receives funding through Horizon 2020 EIT Raw

The project for lifelong learning in additive manufacturing (LILIAM) is a project within the Vanguard Initiative’s demo-case on Tooling, Machinery… READ MORE

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Position statement: The Vanguard Initiative welcomes the ambitious renewed agenda for EU industrial and innovation policies in the

The Vanguard Initiative welcomes the proposals in the European Commission’s Multiannual Financial Framework package, which represent an ambitious… READ MORE

The New Nano-enabled Products Pilot invites you to take part in the next Plenary Meeting - 12-13 November 2018, Bologna (Italy)

The New Nano-enabled Products Pilot within the Vanguard Initiative will hold a Plenary Meeting on 12-13 November 2018 in Bologna, Italy. The meeting… READ MORE

More than 60 participants from 14 regions in ESM Pilot meeting

“De and Remanufacturing”, “Smart and Adaptive” and “Digital and Virtual” demo-cases from ESM pilot met on the 29th of June in Milan to present their… READ MORE

The Directors of the Vanguard Initiative’s members gather for a High-level meeting in Brussels

On 28 June the Vanguard Initiative held its annual High-level Directors’ Meeting in Brussels. During the meeting, the Directors took several steps… READ MORE

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The Vanguard Initiative welcomes European Commission’s commitment to Smart Specialisation in the EU Multiannual Financial Framewor

Directors from the 32 Vanguard Initiative regions today joined in welcoming the European Commission’s continued advancement of Smart Specialisation… READ MORE

17th of May - Watify Matchmaking Event on Nanowires

A matchmaking event within the demo-case for Nanowires will be held on the 17th of May, in Lund, Sweden. The objective is to showcase the potential… READ MORE