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East and North Finland

Presentation of the Region

Nature, the refining of natural resources, and strong technological expertise have created the foundation for economic development in East and North Finland (ENF). Complimentary competences such as ICT, other digital, chemical and technological expertise, support the traditional industries and are also growing business sectors themselves in East and North Finland. The area as a whole is one of EU´s Northern Sparsely Populated Areas with population of 1,3 million inhabitants covering a surface area of over 220 000 km2. Abundant natural resources and top-notch expertise are the foundation for growth in the ENF regions.

RIS3 Priorities

The regions of East and North Finland are working together to build an attractive operating environment where companies can work and grow. The strategy aims at strengthening the co-operation of the ENF area and promoting growth and internationalisation of enterprises. The strategy is based on common priorities that have been collected from the smart specialisation strategies of the ENF regions. The identified common growth sectors in the East and North Finland are bioeconomy and new products, sustainable mining, chemical industry, manufacturing industry, sustainable tourism and appeal and new emerging industries.

Cross-cutting competences have also been identified that the ENF regions possess speacialised expertise, technology and business activities in. The cross-cutting competencies are CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES AND LOW-CARBON SOLUTIONS, INDUSTRIAL CIRCULAR ECONOMY and DIGITALISATION, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PRODUCTION PROCESSES.

Political Representatives
Jyrki Kaiponen

Regional Mayor of Central Ostrobothnia

Regional Contact Persons
Paula Heikkilä

Project manager

Brussels Contact Persons
Tiia Talvisara

Senior advisor

Regional Address

Hallituskatu 20
96100 Rovaniemi

Our Pilots

Vanguard Initiative workshop at the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC): Connecting Regional Innovation Ecosystems:

The Vanguard Initiative (VI) workshop organised in the framework of the EWRC, provided a valuable opportunity to discuss how European

VI at the European Week of Region and Cities

Vanguard Initiative, jointly with the VI Regions East Netherlands, Asturias, Baden Württemberg, East and North Finland, Emilia Romagna, Scotland, Slovenia, and South Neth