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SMEs and Intermediary Organisations

The Vanguard Initiative offers a platform for businesses, clusters and knowledge institutes to meet and join forces in finding new innovative solutions.
Together, we aim to increase the competitiveness of companies and to scale-up regional businesses in Europe wide value-chains.
The Vanguard Initiative’s Pilot Projects offer unique possibilities for businesses, clusters, and knowledge centres to connect with like-minded partners across European regions that share a joint goal; to strengthen industrial innovation in Europe. The benefits of interregional partnerships, established through the Pilot Projects, include exploiting complementarities, project development at the demonstration and piloting stage towards upgrading and business exploitation (beyond TRL 5), opening and sharing specialised infrastructure, access to a larger community of end-users, pooling good practices as well as jointly addressing non-technological issues, etc.
The participating stakeholders in the Pilot Projects get access to exclusive networks of pilot plants, demo-sites, and partners, working together to accelerate the market uptake of advanced technologies and methodologies in areas of strategic importance to Europe’s industry.

VI at the European Week of Region and Cities

Vanguard Initiative, jointly with the VI Regions East Netherlands, Asturias, Baden Württemberg, East and North Finland, Emilia Romagna, Scotland, Slovenia, and South Neth

Progress update from the bioeconomy pilot

The Bioeconomy Pilot inaugurates the "Green Transition Hub" demo project for the creation of inter-regional supply chains

Supporting Pilot Project participants to collaborate

Pilots and their participants work every day to develop collaboration projects to further strengthen the value chain of their choice.


The Atlantic Maritime Strategy was adopted in 2011 to support the sustainable development of the blue economy in the EU Member States borderi

Progress update from the 3DP pilot

Many projects’ generations, B2B connections and expertise/experience sharing during the latest 3DP Pilot Plenary Meeting! On the 6th and 7th of July 2021, the 3

AI Pilot Kick-Off Meeting

The AI Pilot has officially held its kick-off meeting on Monday, 17th May 2021, and presented its vision and its activities for 2021 to more than 100 part

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Vanguard Initiative Annual Report 2020

The adversity of the Covid-19 situation has shown the very real value of collaboration, both within and between regions.

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The Vanguard Initiative annual plan 2021

This annual plan sets out the programme of work that Vanguard Initiative will seek to accomplish during 2021 and is informed by discussions in the Annual Politica

Pilot Action plan 2020: 3DP

This Annual plan is the main reference that will guide the 3DP Pilot activities during 2020.

Pilot annual report 2020: ESM

In 2020, the activities of the pilot will be managed in continuity with the previous years, focusing on the development of demo-case projects and on the consolidation of use-cases enlarging the ind

Pilot Annual report 2020: 3DP

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Pilot Action plan 2021: ESM

In 2021, ESM activities will be managed in continuity with the previous years, focusing specifically on the development of demo-case projects and on the consolidation of use-cases enlarging the ind